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We are a public organization of people who are not indifferent to the state of the environment.we unite socially conscious and socially responsible representatives of various structures of the public, business, government and science with one goal – to create environmentally safe conditions and promote a conscious attitude of citizens to the environment and resource consumption.

This cluster system is based on international experience, which has been repeatedly tested in practice, its example is the international Association "Eco Odessa", which includes interested groups involved in scientific and technological developments in the field of ecology, as well as promote the use of funds aimed at achieving sustainable development.

We are confident that the competence of each of the structures and the combination of efforts with the experts of our organization accelerates the achievement of the main goal, which will encourage every citizen of Ukraine to enjoy life without harming the environment.

Environmental issues are a real threat that can become relevant at any moment and create a truly total collapse in Ukraine. Threats lie in wait for citizens from all sides. There are urgent issues of waste disposal, waste water treatment, toxic waste processing, water and land pollution, air and water quality, consumer products, and so on. Oncological diseases, non-specific allergic reactions, respiratory problems and, in General, access to medical services and low quality of life are becoming an increasing problem for the population.

We are fighting for energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate change, clean air for all, and the development of sustainable transport and agriculture in Ukraine.




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Our value:
- Consistency and focus on the solution. We find the causes of problems and work systematically to solve them. We form positions based on scientific data and defend them as active citizens.
- Independence. We are independent in making decisions. We do not depend on political parties or businesses.
- Association for joint action. We form a community of active people and cooperate with organizations, initiatives, and communities based on the principles of mutual assistance and support.
- Nonviolence. We use only non-violent methods in our work. We are tolerant and respectful of different views.
- Eco-awareness. We are aware of the impact of our actions on the environment. We take every decision in view of its environmental consequences.

We are grateful and appreciate each and every one!
After all, only together we will make this world a better place! Join us!

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