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The purpose of EcoOdessa is to develop an active community of environmentally conscious people and together to influence the systemic decisions in the state concerning the preservation of the environment. You are our helper in this difficult process!

Стать волонтером

With us you:

  • You will get the experience of street camping and public involvement - creative promotions, info points.
  • You will learn to manage projects - organizing events and coordinating areas.
  • You improve your communication and networking skills - presentation of activities, communication with visitors to events.
  • You will develop copywriting skills, creating textual content for social networks.
  • You will learn to search and analyze information.
  • Improve (translate texts, talk clubs and participate in international activist events).
  • You will be the first to learn about cool opportunities, exchange programs, trainings of partner organizations, camps and projects.
  • Active volunteers receive a letter of recommendation about volunteering in a community organization, which can be a significant advantage in your CV when looking for new career opportunities, Ukrainian and international educational programs.

Volunteers at EcoOdessa:

  • The team of like-minded people is approaching important social changes for the sake of a clean and safe environment.
  • Active campaigns of Ecoodessa - translation, design, photo and video support of events, search and analysis of information - strengthen with their help.
  • They are co-organizers (planning, preparation and holding) and representatives of the organization during events - info points, promotions, film screenings, marches.
  • Other volunteers are trained - we prioritize the development and dissemination of environmental volunteering.

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